About us

here you can know more about craving minds

Our company is structured under the able guidance of a committed team of educationists which aim at the holistic personality development of your child by unleashing the hidden potential of their mind we specialise in the field of ABACUS and VEDIC MATHS education. This program is also called whole brain development program.

Our Mission

"Our mission is crystal clear as our motto! we are here to unleash the hidden potential of your child's mind. Here at CRAVING MINDS we strive in a systematic and organized manner to optimize your child's performance."

We also ensure at the same time that the learning is light by imbibing playway and gaming techniques. We assure you that your child learns in a child friendly and conducive atmosphere.

Our Vision

"We visualize your child as a super performer of the future. We make it possible by developing your child's skills through a step by step initiation which culminates in enhancing your child's concentration power, photographic memory, creativity and above all self-confidence which are all precursors to optimum performance in todays competitive time. This we do through systematic and structured practice on a mechanical device, the ABACUS. "

It is the use of the right and left hand movements which stimulate the analog right and the digital left brain to work in unison. It is this aspect that work wonders in the child's all round brain development. The added features are that the focusing power of the child increases which removes its phobia of lengthy and monotonous calculations, saves time, sharpens memory due to visual imagery and opens new horizons of creativity as confidence levels sore.

More so these practices and learnings have a lifelong sustainability as they are learned at a time when the child's brain is developing and is open to maximum inputs .